It is the mission of The Institute of Musculoskeletal Science & Education (IMSE) to provide education and research about things that improve and advance medical science and treatments related to modalities of patient care and medical devices. It is also our Mission to provide opportunities for inventors, scientists, physicians and others to receive fair remuneration for allowing IMSE to commercialize their creation or discovery of new inventions or research.

The Institute of Musculoskeletal Science & Education (IMSE) creates, invents, studies, and educates to improve and advance musculoskeletal science and medical treatments.

  1. IMSE designs, innovates, and develops new medical device systems for treatment of musculoskeletal   anatomy through regulatory clearance/approval for commercialization in the US and Global markets.
  2. IMSE generates and protects novel intellectual property for musculoskeletal medical treatments in the US and Global markets.
  3. IMSE creates, organizes, hosts, and delivers ACCME accredited educational programs that share the latest teachings in musculoskeletal science and treatment.
  4. IMSE develops and oversee post-market clinical research studies that provide evidence of advances patient care.