Intellectual Property

We function as an evaluator and/or developer of your intellectual property ("IP"). Physicians, private individuals or small companies may bring their ideas to us for one-stop proprietary development. You retain ownership of your intellectual property. 

We take pride in providing reliable research results that steer our physician inventors through the complexities of the commercialization process. Inventors may engage us at any stage in this process.

Our Product Development engineers support this process with 3D modeling, FEA analysis and patent artwork. Our commercialization teams are specialists in giving you accurate assessments of potential value in the market and patent-ability landscape, as well as partnering with you for all patent application services.

We also provide expert business guidance to aid in extracting fair commercial value for our IP partners.

IMSE Supported Patent Applications

  • USPTO no. 61/893,027 Sacroiliac Joint Implants and Implantation Methods
  • USPTO no. 13/789,972 Pedicle Screw Assembly with Locking Cap
  • USPTO no. 14/017,099 Fixation Devices for Anterior Lumbar or Cervical Interbody Fusion
  • USPTO no. 14/321,454 Orthopedic Implantation Device
  • USPTO no. 61/909,804 Dynamic Corpectomy Calipers and methods for use Thereof
  • USPTO no. 14/309,439 Reverse Cage Intervertebral Fusion Implants
  • USPTO no. 13/961,355 Posterior Spine Attachment Device for Hardware and Paraspinal Musculature
  • USPTO no. 12/973,685 Adjustable Cervical Plate
  • 10 Additional Patent Applications are expected to be filed in the next 60 -180 Days